images-2There I said it! And I feel guilty for it.  Why do I still want hair that flows down my back? Why do I watch natural you tubers with long hair listening intensely as they go through their regimen? Shouldn’t my goal be having a head full of healthy hair? So why does length matter to me? I have had short hair.  Recently I cut my hair down to 4 inches to get rid of some self-inflicted heat damage, and I look good with my short coily fro. So what is my deal with wanting length? Am I still somehow brainwashed by mainstream to think that long hair holds a certain beauty standard, natural or not? Perhaps. Although the mainstream standards of beauty are changing, and this is evident when you have the gorgeous Teyonah Parris gracing the cover of Maxim magazine wearing her gorgeous Fro, why are we still obsessed with having waist length hair? Why are there grow out challenges and retention challenge etc. on the blogs and forums? Why are we trying the next best thing to get an inch of growth a month? But on the flip side what is so wrong with wanting long hair? I suffer with adult acne and want clear skin does that make me vain?  Isn’t having clear glowing skin a mainstream standard of beauty? So what is the difference?  I do not know.

I could sit here and say my hair goal is to have a head full of healthy strands.  That is the right thing to say. While that is not totally a lie it’s not necessarily the whole story.  My true secret goal is to have a head full of LONG healthy strands.  See how omitting or adding that one word can bring a different meaning to the statement.  I want Long AND Healthy. So I am outing myself.  My name is Naturally D and I want long hair. I do pre poos, and weekly deep conditioning treatments, henna, seal my ends with oil etc.etc. etc. with an end goal of having LONG healthy hair.  So, Am I the only one who secretly wants long hair? Are there others like me? Here’s your chance to let it out.  It OK.

Til Next Time….

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Mother, Daughter, Friend, Shero, lov'a of all coils, kinks, and curls, a proud product junkie, and a continuos work in progress.